Lani S. Aung, CSM

Software Engineer & Web Developer

+1 (714) 696-6301

Personal Website


  • Highly adaptable, quick to learn new methods and implementations.
  • Motivated to work in teams or alone in projects with defined goals.
  • Communicative, able to point out issues, explain ideas and concepts clearly, and suggest new ideas for improvement.
  • Designs with independent-platform, cross-browser and accessibility standards.


Programmer / Application Developer (Sitecore) at Toastmasters International
  • Maintain and develop new features for the Toastmasters website using .NET / C# with the Sitecore CMS framework and SQL Server database layer.
  • Co-lead SOA initiatives, implementing WCF and Web API services.
  • Introduce automated testing along with continuous integration.
  • Build robust applications with unit testing.

Java Developer at Kronos Incorporated
  • Maintained and developed new features for a core product, Workforce TeleStaff™ with Java 7 / 8 and Spring Framework.
  • Updated reporting tools to export to Excel for higher usability.

Java Developer at PICS Auditing, LLC
  • Lead multiple projects that in whole became a brand new product line, broadening the available client base.
  • Implemented new features that provided major sources of revenue, such as allowing for pre-registration, expediting the customer-to-company relationship establishment.
  • Became team leader and release manager, leading code reviews, training, paired programming, and giving presentations on technologies.
  • Internationalized a once US-only site application to reach global audiences, using home grown technology that was easily exportable and importable for ease of translation.
  • Effectively communicated directly with teams, clients and staff members throughout all departments.
  • Provided flexibility when requirements changed, delivered on-time, robust products focusing on 100% stability and satisfaction.
  • Won multiple performance awards and became the go-to woman for in depth explanations and quick assessments.

Student Programmer at Research Computing Support, UC Irvine
  • Created an interactive and dynamic online system to manage data center information.
  • Provided dynamic table generation, data storage into MySQL databases, searches, nightly PDF / image generation, and user management.


Graduated from University of California, Irvine.
  • Bachelor of Science degree achieved in Biological Sciences, with a minor in Information and Computer Science.
  • GPA of 3.85 in Information and Computer Science minor.

Certified ScrumMaster Training

Enrolled in Irvine Valley College.
  • Currently completing courses to get a certificate in Design Model Making and Rapid Prototyping